Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Adoption Events} Cold Noses, Warm Hearts!

We're holding our second Mini-Super Adoption of the year and we need volunteers to help us out.

We will need volunteers help for the following positions, Bolded shifts are the most critical:

That’s right, people who are good at loading and unloading trucks and setting things up.
  • Friday April 13, 8-9am Help needed at storage loading trucks in SLC, directions upon request
  • Set-up: We need lots of help Friday April 13 starting at 9:30 am to set up the event at the Layton Petsmart, 750 N Main St.
  • Sunday April 15, 4-6pm Tear-down and clean-up event, reload truck, follow us to storage if you can
  • Sunday April 15 when we arrive a storage unload trucks in to storage unit in SLC, Directions upon request, we'll call you as we're on our way there

 Event Assistance: A good place for new volunteers; assist with event by watching gates, holding signs, cleaning up and directing people as needed.
• Saturday April 14th, 8-noon, noon-4pm, and 4-8pm
• Sunday April 15th, 7-11am, 11-3pm,and 3-6pm.(3-6pm also includes cleaning up.)

Cat Care: Cat care involves scooping litter boxes, making sure the cats have food and water, taking out trash and keeping the cat adoption area clean. You may need to help groups bring animals back and forth between event and trucks. Other tasks as needed.
• Saturday the 11th,8-noon, noon-4pm, and 4-8pm
• Sunday the 12th, 8-11am, 11-3pm,and 3-6pm.(3-6pm also includes cleaning up.)

Dog Care:
Dog Care involves walking dogs, picking up poop, making sure they have water, shoveling up and replacing shavings that line kennel floors, taking out trash. Other tasks as needed. Not all groups will allow NMHPU volunteers to walk their dogs. Help rescue groups load and unload dogs as needed. Must be at least 18 years of age.
• Saturday April 14th,8-noon, noon-4pm, and 4-8pm
• Sunday April 15th, 7am - noon, noon -4pm

If you can help out please email me at as soon as possible! Let me know your full-name, phone number, email address and top three choices of where/when you would like to help out. We need the most help Friday and Sunday. All volunteers should come ready to help and be flexible if we need to reassign you.