Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet Lester and Kamille, Two Cats in Love!

Cats have such a reputation for being aloof and independent that some people might not believe that cats can fall in love. Our adoptable cats Lester and Kamille, though, so clearly love each other that even a cynic can’t disbelieve in their love!

Lester originally came to us after being trapped in a feral colony. A dog, it appeared, had recently attacked him. Though we usually return the feral cats we trap to their colonies, Lester was severely injured so we got him medical treatment. It was an intense recovery for Lester, but after much TLC he recovered fully. Ready to begin a new adventure in life, he showed his true nature as a very sweet, talkative boy who loves to sit on a person’s lap and be brushed.

Lester was adopted into a home with another cat but, sadly, was returned after one month because the two cats didn’t see eye to eye. He went back to his foster home until he was adopted again, this time being returned after two weeks when the adopter was told by his apartment complex that he was only allowed a total of two cats, which he had prior to adopting Lester. So once again, he went back to his foster home, who meanwhile had started fostering Kamille, a lovely 2 1/2 year old Manx.

Kamille came to us after spending about 2 ½ months at a local shelter, where she caught the attention of Jamie, our Cat Foster Coordinator. As Jamie walked by, Kamille loudly meowed and pawed at the cage door, and Jamie just couldn’t pass her up. Despite her attention-getting ways at the shelter, Kamille turns out to be a very gentle and affectionate gal who loves to give head butts and get lots of loving.

Once Lester and Kamille found each other at their foster home, they instantly bonded—as if they were soulmates. Given their love for each other, we were happy when they both found a home together. Sadly, though, the adoption did not work out, and three months later, they were dropped off at a local shelter—despite the fact that we will gladly take any adopted animal back when the adoption does not work out. Thanks to their microchips, the shelter knew that Lester and Kamille came from our program, so we took them to a foster home once more.

Today, Lester and Kamille spend their days sleeping curled up together and grooming each other, clearly as in love as ever. With the depth of their love for each other, we will only adopt them as a pair, and they’re looking for their TRUE forever home now, where they can be together, safe, for the rest of their lives.

Amber Randall
Adoption Coordinator

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  1. Gosh If I didn't have 3 cats and thats the counties limit, I would take them....