Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Candy's Happy Ending

The end of 2011 is approaching, and we here at No More Homeless Pets in Utah and our supporters have a lot be proud of. We can take a look back at our accomplishments over the past year and reflect upon how all of us together have made such an important difference in the lives of others. The evidence is overwhelmingly true: Kindness and second chances can truly change someone’s entire world.

Candy is just one example of the many dogs and cats whose world we’ve been able to transform. Candy was born at the beginning of 2000 and when we first met her, she was on the euthanasia list at a local shelter. Her “tipped” left ear told us that she had been living a life on the streets, most likely part of a feral colony. However, it was clear from the beginning that Candy wasn’t afraid of people. Our adoptions team pulled her from the list and took her into our adoption program. In 2004, Candy found a new home. Candy’s new family included a little girl with autism, and Candy and the young girl became inseparable. The girl carried Candy around with her everywhere and even took her to school every day. Candy was a source of comfort and companionship to this young girl and Candy’s patience and unconditional love became the center of this young child’s universe.

In June 2010, Candy was returned to us, citing “litter box issues”. Candy was dropped off at our offices and the mother told the little girl they would come back and get Candy later that day. They never returned.
Candy was taken to the vet for a check-up. It was determined that sweet Candy had a severe urinary tract infection, which was both painful and caused the “issues”. Candy was placed on antibiotics and within a few days, she was the same darling girl she’d always been.

Then Candy developed stomatitis, and had to have her teeth removed. Despite all the pain and visits to the vet, she remained her sweet self and regained her health. Candy took up residency in our offices, going to adoption events and the journey to find a loving, forever home for her had begun once again.
One day last October, we received an adoption application for a senior cat. The family originally wanted to meet another older cat in our program but when they read Candy’s profile, they just had to meet her. This prospective family was just starting out, with their first baby on the way. They came to meet Candy and immediately fell in love. She was adopted that very day.

Candy’s new family has stayed in touch with us, and the love affair has continued ever since. This older lady has adjusted really well to her new home and routine. “Candy is such a sweet little character! We love her funny twitching tail when she’s excited and her loud purrs when she’s getting the attention she wants,” her new family writes. She’s even taken up playing with Nick, her new dad. Every night around 9pm, she suddenly gets a boost of energy and she and Nick chase each other around the house playing tag. They are looking forward to Candy being a best buddy to her family’s new baby.

Candy’s incredible road from a life on the streets to cuddling with her new family has been possible because of your support. This is the kind of change you can be a part of by sending us your donation today. Most older cats don’t get second chances, but thanks to your support, we can continue to change the world for homeless pets again and again.

Candy’s story is just one of many happy endings we here at No More Homeless Pets in Utah can be proud of. Together, we can save them all.

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