Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lessons from "Marley and Me"

With all the rain lately, I have found myself staying indoors, grabbing some popcorn and settling down for some movie watching marathons.

Recently I rented "Marley and Me", the movie based on the popular book by John Grogan. On the surface it's a tale of a lovable but uncontrollable dog that journeys with the Grogan Family through their good times and bad. I think the biggest lesson to be learned from the movie is to work with your pet even if they have behavior problems or if your family is going through some life changes.

Sometimes when people adopt a rambunctious puppy or an animal with behavior problems, their first inclination is to find a new home for the animal or take them to the shelter. When faced with pet behavioral issues, take the time to complete a training course or consult a pet behaviorist. If your animal is not using the litter box or urinating indoors, it may be sign of a medical condition and your pet may need to be seen by a vet. Should the time come for you to move, take the time to search out pet-friendly housing so that your pet can come with you. If your family grows, include your pet in the preparations along with the new baby.

The Grogan family was with Marley until the end despite all of his problems. I think John Grogan put it best:

"Commitment matters. That 'in good times and bad, in sickness and in health' really means something. We didn't give up on Marley when it would have been easy to, and in the end he came through and proved himself a great and memorable pet."

Standy by the commitment you've made to your pet and in return they will love you unconditionally.

-Lydia Beuning, Office Manager

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  1. Great book, couldn't see the movie (I cried through the last 4(!) chapters of the book), even better message! It makes me very upset when I hear about people getting rid of their pets because they didn't have the will to follow through with their commitment to them.

    Thanks for sharing!