Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Ellen Welsh, Statistics Coordinator

Hi, my name is Ellen Welsh and I’m the Statistics Coordinator for No More Homeless Pets in Utah. I also do the scheduling and promotion for the Big Fix, our Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic.

My work for this amazing team started in 2002 a few months after I had moved to Kanab from Hamburg, Germany.
I didn’t have much of a background in animal welfare, but I’ve always loved animals and nature, and I feel a great sense of respect for all life.

I collect statistics from the Shelters and No-Kill Organizations in Utah to create our reports. Sometimes I am asked whether it isn’t a bit ‘dry’ to work with numbers, and what’s the sense in doing it. My answer is that keeping statistics is very important and necessary so that we know what’s happening, it’s our measuring tool. Otherwise it would be difficult to put funds toward programming. We need to know whether what’s been done works or whether it doesn’t.

Every number in our statistics tells a story. Every number represents a life. A life saved or a life lost. And for every life lost we need to increase our efforts!! Offering information, education, and access to low cost spay & neuter is the key!! That’s why I love the other part of my workday just as much. Working for the Big Fix team, creating a schedule where we can reach as many pet owners and communities as possible. Making their wish for accessible and affordable spaying / neutering and vaccinating / microchipping come true!! And simply: fixing as many animals as possible to counteract our pet over-population.

Seeing the progress that has been happening over the years in Utah’s Animal World is our reward, despite some very tough times we’re all facing!! And there is always more to do. But seeing that what you do has a positive impact just makes you want to continue and do more, doesn’t it?

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