Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet Jeanie, the tiniest kitten at NMHPU!

Jeanie is one of the newest additions to our adoptions program--and the youngest kitten in our program. She's not yet for adoption because she's only one week old, but she's already seeking her forever home.

We found Jeanie at a feral colony when she was only one day old. Her mom and her
littermates were nowhere to be found, and this tiny kitten--barely bigger than a mouse!--was crying out for help. Her eyes and ears were still shut tight when we picked her up, and she was clearly hungry. We quickly got Jeanie to a foster home experienced with newborn kittens, and she'll be staying there until she is old enough to be adopted.

As you can see from her photos, she's one of the cutest kittens you'll find, with an adorable skunk-like stripe down her face.

So you can follow Jeanie's progress, we'll be posting her photos and updates in future blog entries--and also have a Jeanie photo album on our Facebook page!

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