Monday, August 16, 2010

Name our kittens and win a prize!

These five adorable little girls have just come into the No More Homeless Pets in Utah adoption program, along with their lovely mom, Jessica. Now they’re moving onto the next chapter in their lives: finding their forever homes. But how in the world can they do that without names?

They are all as cute as they can be, and each one has a unique personality and needs a special name that suits her. We need to name them before they go to the vet to be spayed in September. That’s a big task, so we decided to ask you to help us by holding a contest to find the best five names for these little ones.

Now’s the time to use your creativity! When these kittens get old enough to go to adoptions, a cute and appropriate name will help catch a potential adopter’s interest and give each little one a chance to find that perfect home. So get creative and send us your best five names, and we'll reward with a prize! (See the Contest Rules below for instructions.)


One prize will be awarded to the person who submits the winning 5 names. That prize consists of a gift basket full of treats for your kitties, including a gift certificate to the Dog’s Meow pet food store AND a $50 Dining Certificate to La Caille for you!


Because the kittens don't have names yet, we can only identify them by numbers. You can find photos of the individual kittens on our Facebook page.

Kitten #1 is a black and white tuxedo with white paws and white whiskers. She has a front foot deformity but she’s always one of the first ones to climb out of the cage and take off. She's a big lover and likes to be picked up and snuggled. She's the first one to win everyone’s heart!

Kitten #2 is a black and white tuxedo with a white chin, toes, whiskers and eyebrows. She is the shyest and tends to hang out in the cage more than the others do. She also has the roundest tummy – probably because she’s the first one to get to mom! She loves to play with her sisters and comes out of the cage to chase them around. She likes to be petted and will probably be a real lap cat.

Kitten #3 is a mackerel tabby with white tummy, legs and face. She is definitely the hungriest and follows her poor mom everywhere looking for a free meal. She’s very sweet and has been the first one to be playful. She is also the fastest one, and loves to run!

Kitten #4 is a ticked tabby with bowed legs. She is the most active. She’s also the loudest! She zooms around, squeaking the whole time, exploring the whole room. But she’s extra cuddly and is the most curious about people. She’s a little lover!

Kitten #5 is a ticked tabby with normal front legs and the cutest spotted tummy of them all. She is the smallest, but despite that, she’s usually the one who picks the fights! She’s really curious about people and will climb into the nearest lap. But then she'll suddenly she realizes where she is and off she goes.

Now that you've been introduced, it's time for you to give these kittens the best names you can think of!

1. Each entry must contain a name for each of the five kittens and must identify which name goes with which kitten.
2. Each name must be an acceptable name for a human female.
3. Names that are currently being used for our adoptable cats are not eligible. You can find a list of those names on our website by going to our Adoptable Pets list.
4. Only email entries will be accepted. Send your entries to: Include “Kitten Naming Contest” in the subject of your email. Please include your full name and contact information.
5. All entries must be submitted by midnight on September 1, 2010.
6. The winner will be notified by email on September 6, 2010. The prizes can be picked up at our office, 8029 S. 700 East, during regular working hours after that date.
7. You may submit as many entries as you want. Each set of 5 names will be treated as one entry.
8. No More Homeless Pets in Utah reserves the right to use any name submitted for adoptable animals in the future.
9. Employees of No More Homeless Pets in Utah are not eligible.

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  1. #1 Boots
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    #5 Ittybittykitty
    Love the article, Thank you.