Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet Andrea Torre, Free Fix Director!

Hi! Andrea Torre is the name, low cost spay/neuter is my game.

I joined the NMHPU staff in September 2008 and have learned so much about the great programs we have for the 4-legged friends that need our help. Along with learning I have been able to contribute in the spaying and neutering of hundreds of cats and dogs across the state of Utah through the Free Fix voucher program.

I grew up in a household with cats, dogs and birds as family members. My parents showed me how an animal can bring a unique happiness and unconditional love to a human life. I witnessed them treat all animals with patience, respect and love and have had the pleasure to see the smiles they have brought to me and my family.
The euthanizing of cats and dogs can one day be eliminated if everyone does their part. Education is the key, so keep learning, spread the word and together we can save them all!

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