Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Lydia Beuning!

Hi! I'm Lydia the Office Manager at No More Homeless Pets in Utah. I have been working here for 2 1/2 years and love it.

When I was a kid my family never had animals so when I got married and moved into a house with a yard, I immediately adopted a pet. I went to a Super Adoption event and adopted my first dog Zoey. She is a mostly black, a heeler/border collie mix. Shortly after I started working at NMHPU, I adopted my first cat, Monk, who is a black cat. I learned from our Adoption Department that black cat and dog adoption rates are generally really low. I was really surprised. The theories to this vary: from superstitious lore that black animals are bad luck or that black animals are less noticeable or don't stand out to potential adopters. Most of the time you will find that rescues and shelters will put eye catching collars on black animals. I remember Zoey had on a festive collar that caught my eye.

When you go to your local shelter or rescue don't forget to check out the black dogs and cats. When it comes down to it, an animals color should be one of the last things to consider when adopting your new pet. Their personality and if they match your lifestyle are much more important factors.

Check out some black animals in our program:




Lydia Beuning

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